Feb 16, 2023. What’s happening this week

This week we have a big snow storm unloading on Colorado. So I have a lot more time in the office this week. With any luck, this will become a weekly blog.

What have we been working on?
We are closing down the Colorado Springs office and shop. The economy is hitting us hard this season, so we are back to being a mobile only (on-site)repair shop. That also means we have a LOT of spare parts that need to find new homes, including full desktop and AIO pcs, speakers, stereo equipment, etc etc.

Email client programs and how to use them for the road warriors out there. If a secure local program is what you need, there are 2 primary go-to choices for me.Thunderbird and Betterbird.
Betterbird is built on Thunderbird by the lead dev of TB. But includes bug fixes that TB hasn’t fixed in decades. The main downside of BB is it must be manually updated, where TB is automatic. both can be run from a flash drive (encrypted drive) and/or through PortableApps.

WordPress updates. All clients with the older Artisteer themes are being updated to the newer NicePage themes (free). The upcoming WordPress 6.2 and php 8.x+ will break the Artisteer themes, so we gotta get that fixed before things break.

SEO changes: 2023 has ushered in a new wave of SEO techniques since the search algorithms’ have changed yet again. So we are also studying the latest on that front. Interactivity is the keyword of the day.

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